Platinum Elite Membership





Quick Overview

Includes every video currently available in the Success Videos Library plus lifetime access to every new video added to the Success Videos Library for life AND Geddert’s Gymnastics Coaching Manifesto and companion USB drive.

All videos are delivered both on-line with instant access, and shipped straight to your door on hard copy DVDs along with The Printed Manifesto and companion USB drive. Never purchase another video in the Success Videos library again! You’ll get every new video in your online account as they are produced… at no charge…. for life!

Complete Platinum Elite Set Includes:

The Manifesto (263 Pages)!

  • Geddert’s Gymnastics Coaching Manifesto (Printed in a Binder)
  • USB Drive containing every document in the Manifesto
  • Video Walk-through of the documents in the Manifesto

Vault Videos:

  • Beginning Vault Handspring Progressions
  • Round Off Entry Vault Progressions

Uneven Bars Videos:

  • Level 3 Bars
  • Level 4 Bars
  • Level 5 Bars
  • Pirouettes & Dismounts
  • Big Swing Elements: Front & Back Giants
  • Transition Releases
  • Major Releases
  • Uneven Bars Complexes for Optional Levels

Balance Beam Videos:

  • Balance Beam Basics
  • Balance Beam Acro

Floor and Tumbling Videos:

  • Developmental Tumbling Drills & Progressions
  • Intermediate Tumbling Drills & Progressions
  • Front Tumbling Drills & Progressions
  • Back Tumbling Drills & Progressions
  • Floor Dance Drills

Conditioning, Flexibility and Shaping Videos:

  • Shaping for Gymnastics
  • Flexibility Drills
  • Compulsory Conditioning-Phase 1
  • Compulsory Conditioning-Phase 2
  • Compulsory Conditioning-Phase 3
  • Geddert’s Phase Conditioning-Phase 1: Build Up
  • Geddert’s Phase Conditioning-Phase 2: Max Strength
  • Geddert’s Phase Conditioning-Phase 3: Conversion
  • Geddert’s Phase Conditioning-Phase 4: Maintenance

Supplemental Training Videos:

  • Line Drills and Station Drills: Teaching Excellence
  • Leg Circuits
  • Warm-Up

Videos For Parents, Athletes, Developmental and Recreational Coaches:

  • Gymnastics Homework-Volume 1

Who Is It For?

The Platinum Elite Lifetime Membership is for any coach, club owner or head coach who wants the entire Success Videos library at their fingertips PLUS every new video that is produced for Success Videos absolutely FREE for life! Use all the videos in this library to train your staff and get everyone on the same page with your methods and goals of coaching for an incredibly successful season.

What Do I Get?

  • The Printed Manifesto in a Binder
  • A USB Drive containing every document in the Binder
  • A Hard Copy Physical DVD of every video in the Success Videos Library contained in 2 library cases.
  • Online Access to John’s video walk-through of the Manifesto (90 minute video)
  • Online membership to “ Members Only” area. You will receive a personal user name and password to view these videos unlimited times in your membership account.
  • These videos can be viewed on all desktops, laptops, tablets, ipads and mobile phones